Be careful what you wish for

A few years ago I went to a Professional Development session at Saint Mary’s University.  It was put on by the provincial Social Studies Teachers’ Association.

The dean of poli sci was speaking about the change in institutions as seats of power.

As I read the many disparaging comments and vitriol aimed at our noble profession it occurred to me that our place in society as guides of knowledge acquisition is under fire.  Those who perhaps feel that the institutions have failed them now feel free to attack those who they perceive to be somehow “winning” or enjoying the benefits of status.  The race to the bottom is ugly and full of hate. The underlying inequalities are being stoked by our so-called leaders, and the results are a dismissal of our accomplishments and a loss of respect for our profession.

Those who know me know that my optimism has served me well over the years. Today as I read the words of people I considered friends I find my optimism severely challenged.

What those who attack us and those who diminish our accomplishments forget is this: Watch out what you ask for. You just may get it. A bitter and demoralized teaching profession will poison this province’s future more than any fleeting economic gain you trumpet from the heavens as your victory.  Attack those who care.  They will stop caring. Practice politics of hate and division.  You will get a divided and hateful society.
Premier McNeil. Minister Casey. Minister Regan. Do you want to be known as the government that won the ultimate Pyrrhic victory only to watch your just society crumble?

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