Preparing the Holiday Meal

You know that Thanksgiving, or Christmas, or “insert large holiday” meal? You know, the one that your loved ones spent 3 days before making pies for dessert? And spent the day before calling everyone to make sure they were still coming? And spent the whole day of peeling countless types of vegetables, stuffing, salads and side dishes, not to mention hours cooking and basting the turkey to perfection?
Well that’s the type of lessons we want to prepare for our students.

But here’s what happens:

Someone is allergic to various parts of the meal, so I have to make something different for them, that they will enjoy and not feel left out. Someone else has false teeth, so I have to mash everything for him. Someone else can’t hold utensils, so I have to make sure somebody can feed her. A couple will not show up, but expect me to warm up leftovers the next day. Some will only eat the dessert. Some will complain that there isn’t anything they like and get mad that there isn’t any chicken nuggets. Some don’t recognize the food because they eat different food where they are from. Some get up and leave before the meal is done.

Most just want to come and enjoy the meal. Some are thankful. Most say nothing. One or two tell you how awful it was.

So, no matter how much your loved one prepared, no matter how much time and effort was put into that amazing meal, it just isn’t right for many of the guests.
Well, that’s what planning lessons is like. Hours, days in advance, specific needs, adaptations, IPPs [Individual Program Plans], behaviour plans, attendance, learning disabilities and styles, language barriers and so much more have to be taken into account for EVERY lesson.
That’s like making Thanksgiving dinner for EVERY meal!



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