Ode to Joy

When I decided I wanted to teach,
I thought, think of the kids that I will reach,
My love for French is very strong,
I can’t wait to pass that love along!
Playing games, learning words,
Making sure their voices are heard,
The moment when you see them learn,
Was as much as the money that I could earn,
I’ll coach the team, I’ll stay here late,
I’ll plan the trip, it’ll be great!
Madame, we really love your class!
It’s so much fun, it’s such a blast!
The work I did, the plans I made,
Were much more than a number grade,
I can truly say I taught with joy,
Teaching French to girls and boys.

But now it’s become quite clear,
I don’t have as much value here,
Very slowly things have changed,
Priorities have been rearranged,
PLCs* (or SSPs?),
Have now become the death of me,
And learning language? They don’t care,
So long as Grade Book marks are there,
Working on my PGP,
And learning new technology,
A new way to do IPPs,
“Put it in TIENET** if you please!”
I work so hard for such faint praise,
And my Premier thinks I want a raise?
I’m honestly so overwhelmed,
We need someone else at the helm,
Is there a memo that I’ve missed?
“Plan lessons” is the 5th thing on my list,
The pressure now is so unreal,
And the government tells us we have no deal.

They think all of this is just a ploy,
But I just want to find my joy.
Just let me teach the kids, you’ll see,

What a great teacher I can be.

* Acronyms: PLC – professional learning community; SSP – student success planning; PGP – Professional growth plan; IPP – Individual program plan; TIENET – Technology for improving education network




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