Sick Day Truth

Listening to Premier McNeil talk about teachers, ME, as greedy, selfish money-grabbers made me feel even more disrespected and devalued than what I already felt. I became a teacher because I believed that working with children was a way that I could truly make a difference and I have been so willing to give all I could because the kids that have been and are in front of me deserve my best, at all times!

However, Premier McNeil’s comment about teachers costing the taxpayers – the government money because they are allowed to accumulate 195 sick days did make me sick! What ‘accumulated’ sick time really means is a teacher with accumulated sick days has been in the classroom NOT home costing the government money … hmmmm!

The other item is there is no benefit to a teacher retiring with accumulated sick days … they just disappear AGAIN not costing the taxpayer anything.

When I do take a sick day I still have to plan the day, see the plan is implemented, mark all work, sort out the problems and respond to parents and ensure the next day is also set to roll no matter how ill I am … it is far easier to go to work sick than stay home and try to get better, unfortunately!


One thought on “Sick Day Truth

  1. I am so proud of teachers for talking back with such clarity to misinformation and abused power – I know this is incredibly difficult and stressful but it’s a fight worth having and a vital demonstration to all our children that thoughtful, courageous action is the way to fight injustice.


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