The plan was medical school

When I finished undergrad, the plan was to become a physician.

Teaching, however, won me over when I did what most people did upon graduation in the early 2000s: I taught English abroad.

I appreciated the interaction with young people. I loved making seemingly complex concepts become tangible. I enjoyed listening to students share their challenges and offering solutions to them. I was challenged by the diversity of people sitting in my room.

I chose to be a teacher instead of a physician.

And I chose Nova Scotia, my home province.

I chose to contribute to my local community and bring my joy of learning to those in my rural area.

I am a permanent teacher in my early 30s and I have, unfortunately, dusted off and opened my MCAT books.

I say unfortunately:

Not because I think entering a career in medicine is a bad thing.

Not because entering a new profession in my 30s is an unrealistic goal.

Not because of the financial challenges I will face.

Not because I will be overworked.

I say unfortunately:

Because at a time when Nova Scotia is seeing young people leave our province in droves, as hard as I try, I can’t do this anymore. I want to stay in this province and teach, but it’s dismaying. I want to do good work and teach well, but it’s insurmountable. I want to build programs, but it’s impractical. There is little being done to make this profession a viable choice for me anymore. And I will not spend my career being frustrated. I may not enjoy medicine and I may be just as overworked. I may end up staying in NS, but I may move out of province. What I know, however, is that the teaching profession in Nova Scotia has made my initial goals of being a committed and dedicated educator challenging. My intentions have been made unobtainable, and unfortunately, I know I am not the only young person changing careers.

And I think driving young, motivated teachers away from our education system in Nova Scotia is unfortunate.


One thought on “The plan was medical school

  1. Teachers should go on strike for a few months so they finally understand that know else is getting any improvements in their work conditions or salary either!!!
    Don’t worry about the students education as you can make up the loss time next summer, oh! forgot, you get every summer off work…Lol.


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