My small class

Sometimes you get lucky – the numbers work out in your favour and you end up with a small class. Maybe 21 grade tens wouldn’t always have been considered a small class, but by today’s standards it’s so rare that I’m embarrassed to talk to other teachers about it. My small class of 21 is amazing. It is an academically diverse class with a good number of students on Individualized Program Plans (IPPs), students on the Autism spectrum, and most of the rest with adaptations. But you know what? I can do it. I can do it because I know these kids and they know each other. I’ve figured out ways to teach to their needs and meet the outcomes. And you know why? Because it’s a small class. I also have a class of 38, and they aren’t getting the same depth of programming because it’s just impossible to do. I love all of my classes, but I’ve accomplished so much more with my small class and we’ve been able to develop a sense of community. They’re getting the education they deserve. They’re getting the attention they need. They’re getting to know and understand one another. Seeing this kind of learning and growth is why I became a teacher, and it is why I will fight for these kids until the bitter end.


One thought on “My small class

  1. Yes! The difference a smaller class can make on every aspect of learning and teaching is almost impossible to describe. (But you’ve made a great start)


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