Lying awake thinking of acronyms

It is wrong that I find myself unable to remain asleep through a Saturday night because I am so panicked by my “to-do” list at this time of year. This list consists of the following acronyms: TIENET [Technology for Improving Education Network], IPP [Individualized Program Plan], AIO [Annual Individual Outcome], SIO [Specific Individual Outcome], and PPT [Program Planning Team]. With the new expectations as outlined by the Minister’s action plan, it is more daunting than ever before. I know I am not alone in feeling haunted by my “to-do” list. Like all teachers, I pride myself on doing my job to the best of my ability – but with a lack of prep time, unrealistic expectations, managing family time (a term I use loosely as there is very little time for any quality family time as of late), lack of sleep, incredible stress – something has to give. I am concerned about myself and my colleagues remaining healthy – we are most certainly at risk for any number of illnesses. I worry about our collective well-being. So, I am voting YES to the strike vote on October 25. I owe it to my students, I owe it to my colleagues, I owe it to my family and I damned well owe it to myself.


2 thoughts on “Lying awake thinking of acronyms

  1. Work and life, and raising our children is much harder, for everyone. Parents are working harder, and ultimately want the best for their children. So do teachers. Teaching since 1982 and raising our own 4 children has given me a very rewarding life, but so many overwhelming challenges with the changes in our profession. Teachers used to just teach. Now we are social workers, sports coaches, musical directors, somewhere we teach, and then most importantly, data collectors. The paper work has become the ugly monster that takes away our teaching energy and time. We are doing our best, with a list that never gets done. Class sizes are still too large in high school. No child left behind for us means ” What has the teacher done?” to improve student learning. We push them through to keep children with their social group. By high school we typically have so many IPP’s ( individual learning plans) that we have to prepare each lesson 3 different ways. The latest for me is that I have no computer and NO classroom. I’ve been asked to teach music in an open area, by the washrooms. I will drag a suitcase with my music lessons around the school. McNeill gave some support, but clearly the vote has spoken. It is not enough. We still have classes too large to teach. We have school buildings lacking adequate teaching facilities. We have a government that gives themselves hefty raises and sails expensive ferries. Clearly the teachers are tired, and want to have support, time and resources to teach your children. It is about our children.


    1. I am not a teacher but I had three children go through the system.
      My children had dedicated, kind, loving teachers. They genuinely cared about each of my children.
      My oldest has a Masters in Classical Music, the second has a BSc. in Biology and a BN. and the youngest is doing a BS Musical Theatre Performance. They would not be where they are today without their teachers.
      My children would be appalled if they saw where you had to teach your music students. This is a disgrace. No computer, no classroom. This is wrong!!
      And yes, I have heard of my friend’s child being pushed through the system.
      The vote to strike maybe a disappoint to parents and students but if they did your job they would truly see your position.
      I hope you get your own classroom and all that you need to teach your students.
      You deserve it!


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